About iRedeem
How we started

iRedeem began out of a desire to encourage people to shop at local businesses and restaurants. Smaller businesses tend not to have the resources to compete with the discount programs that larger companies offer. So we decided to create a place where small businesses could partner together within a larger network to offer great deals and rewards to their customers.

Supporting local first

We believe in local business. They come in all shapes and sizes, helping to build the unique identity of a city. Local businesses are owned by local residents – people who have chosen to build a business where they live. We believe this relationship helps to create a common bond between shops and their customers.

Simplifying savings with iRedeem

The key benefit of iRedeem is the network. With iRedeem you have access to a large network that helps its customers to simplify how they save, giving them access to a large group of businesses.

When customers have to deal with individual businesses for discounts, things can get complicated quickly. Cards and online accounts stack up and keeping track of what you have with who can be confusing. iRedeem helps to simplify deals by giving you one savings card to use with everyone, for any type of reward.

iRedeem is designed to be a flexible savings program. We work with each business to tailor a deal or promotion that works best for them and their customer base. This works well for the business as they can establish a savings program on their own terms and it works well for our customers as they can save with their favourite businesses in a way that just makes sense.